Director Bio

Dominique headshot

Dominique Keller is a documentary director based in Calgary Alberta, Dominique directs both locally and internationally.  With much travel and sport directing experience, Dominique is comfortable working in tough environments.  Dominique’s projects include PBS The Lonely Planet Travel Show, City TV My Rona Home, The Food Network Fixing Dinner and APTN underEXPOSED.  Dominique’s films have screened at over 100 festivals worldwide and premiered on Bravo, CBC and APTN.  Dominique was honored to represent Canada as an artist at both the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo.

Client focused and results driven.  Dominique is creative and has a passion for story.  Dominique is also known for her strong people skills and great interview techniques. Consider Dominique to direct your next project and you will gain a strong leader in the field.

Currently Dominique is working on a feature documentary with Fireweed Creative.


Her cool head and quick-thinking helped a small and unfamiliar crew achieve a great deal on a very tight schedule with an even tighter budget. Throughout, she managed to juggle attention to the creative aspects of story development and programme production with the logistical strictures of difficult three-week shoots.

-Neville Farmer, Series Producer Pilot Film and Television Productions UK

The shooting and directing that Dominique has done for Fixing Dinner shows off both her creativity and directing style. She has often gone above and beyond the required shooting script and added additional shots and storytelling elements.

-Nancy Laing, Producer Joe Media Group

Dominique is an amazing Producer/Director! She is level headed, extremely creative and so easy to work with!

 -Sandi Richard,  President and CEO Cooking for the Rushed Inc.

Dominique crafted each scene with exciting and challenging setups. She is a strong Director and a leader in her field.

-Dan Dumouchel, Director of Photography Perfect Pictures Inc.